Red mi phones one of the popular selling mobiles allover China .Top 5 Redmi 4A secret settings. India and low cost in this mobile high quality features and low price. Redmi mobiles is the China brands most selling mobiles in india. Xiaomi founder lei jun. Lin bin 

Redmi 4A Secret settings tips 

  1. Popup youtube video
  2. None screen lock
  3. Double tap screen lock
  4. Music sleep timer
  5. flip Phone to silent to call
  6. Auto answer

  1. Popup youtube video

youtube video popup is this . first go to the default web browser. and open the your feature video and play it you see this popup icon and select it and now you can do background work.Top 5 Redmi 4A secret settings

and watching video also adjust size video size and it place. so it is real good feature if want watch video wale doing work .

2. None screen lock 

by default go to the setting and select device security. and click on it and open it is showing they are    1.pattern. 2 pin . 3 Password  and if you enable in this feature. by the default none screen lock but. visitors. and almost anther device it option available. but here. so it enable it first go to the setting and scroll dwon open the additional settings and click it

 And go to the developer options . Note this point : People who dont know How to enable developer option

go to the about phone keep tapping and select MIUI version option and click on 7 times and go to the additional settings and scroll dwon it showing developer option open that is showing skip screen lock click on.Top 5 Redmi 4A secret settings

so by doing this whenever wake power button it well not showing any typap screen lock. use this feature on Redmi 4A On this mobile. This Redmi 4A doesn’t have the fingerprint scanner. with fingerprint scanner what happed that users state of fingerprint scanner once and it well open phone with one second.

in this feature if you enable double tap screen to wake. so first go to the settings scroll down see Display option and open it showing double tap screen to wake. and click on it. then lock ur phone just double top ur phone screen it well be open it and doing ur work

3.  music sleep timer

Music sleep timer so if you kind of person. who like to listen music before go to the bed to go the sleep so this an ever time is forgot trun off music before go to the sleep so this tip for specially. for you so enable this feature first go to the MI Music app and select the 3 dots icon and enable sleep timer.

And guys by default it enable this timer 30 minutes but if you want customize, then go to the music settings and goto the advance settings. and from here you can customize your timer as you want..Top 5 Redmi 4A secret settings

4. Flip to silence ringer

Flip phone to silent to call. so enable this feature, first go to the dallier app and showing 3 dots and click on it and open dallier settings. after go to dallier settings go to incoming call settings. and here multiple options. and here enable in this feature Flip to silence ringer it enable. and enable in this feature.

whenever someone calling you . it you want silent to the call just flip your phone down like this and it well silent the call so it is the really good feature,


5. Auto answer

Auto answer. so again go to the dallier settings and open to select settings and open it and go to Auto answer and enable it as on.

and again guys customize it delay auto answer by default is  an 3 seconds and after enable in this feature some one call you phone well be automatically answer the call.

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